/hi / (say hee), weak form /i / (say ee)

pronoun (personal), third person, singular, subjective (objective him)
1. the male being in question or last mentioned.
2. anyone; that person: he who hesitates is lost.
3. (hypercorrection) him: with he and his family.
4. Also, it. Especially WA, SA and Victoria (in children's games) the player called upon to perform some task, as, in chasing games, the one who must catch the other players. Compare Especially NSW, also Qld, ACT and Tasmania in (def. 13b); Especially Qld up (def. 51).
noun (plural hes)
5. a man or any male person or animal (correlative to she).
6. male or masculine, especially of animals.
7. go he, Colloquial to take one's turn as he (def. 4)
{Middle English he, Old English }

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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